Queen of Gemsopals at very very cheap prices

About Queen of Gems

Great opals at great prices. Our opal comes from a vast collection of Australian fields. Selling on behalf of the miner for a small commision has numerous benefits.

Great Range: We can afford to stock a larger amount of opal as the opal is always owned by the miner and we sell it on their behalf.

Better Prices: Selling for the miner changes our whole business model, we do not have to rely on large mark-ups to make a profit and can afford to stock a finer range of opal. The miner sets the price, and considering miners rarely recieve even 50% of what their opal is worth, it is a good deal for all.

A note about the opal photos
As with all opal photos, they cannot show you all the true colors or 'play of colour' and fire you would expect from the real thing with movement. These opals look astounding with the naked eye in natural light and we guarantee you total satisfaction. For additional photo's or information about an opal please be sure to Contact Us.