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Precious opal is extremely rare and fine examples are more expensive than diamond, especially black opal. More than 95% of the world's opal comes from remote central Australia, namely black opal from Lightning Ridge, and white, crystal and matrix from South Australia.

Australian opal is a far superior in quality to its distantly related cousins in Peru, Brazil, and Mexico and is the only country where you may find black opals. Australian Opal Deposits in Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Andamooka, Mintabie, Lambina and White Cliffs are famous for their supply of high quality opals, and supply over 96% of the World's opal production (and 98% for gem quality opal). See - Australian Opal Fields for more information on opal field locations.

Beautiful Black Opals in the Harsh Australian Outback

Color in the middle of nowhere...Central Australia is a harsh and desert let area. Most of the people live underground in dugouts, to escape the immense heat during the day and cold of night. A sight of a bright black or crystal opal in a earth wall is something to behold! Especially black opal with it's bright, buring colors.

There are many opal mining communities in Central Australia, these include, Andamooka, Winton, Quilpie, Coober Pedy, Lamina, White Cliffs, Winton, Opalton, and many, many more lesser known fields, especially in Queensland where the boluder opal is found. It is ironic and somewhat intriguingly beautiful gem originates in such a bleak, stark landscape.

Opal is available in three main forms, solid, doublet, triplet, there are also fossilized shells, and dinosaur bones. There is also cut opal, rough opal, opal jewelry, opal beads and rare and precious opal. The most valuable and rarest form of opal is black opal, however high end crystal opal is also very beautiful, especially in fossil form. The ultimate is a black crystal opal fossil, such as the 'virgin rainbow', or something similar.

One thing is always guaranteed with opal, there will always be a more stunning piece around the corner, and beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, rest assured these opal stones are stunningly beautiful.

Black opal, Boulder, Crystal, Matrix are all common Australian opal types. Other common names such as Lambina, Queensland rough, Andamooka, etc - all refer to the opals place of origin, be it the mine, town, or a loose stone precious enough for a name.

To add to all of this opal is incredibly hard to classify accurately, for a number of reasons. These include, lack of central standard, wide variety of colors, textures, types, forms, and many differing view points. Rare opal, such as high end black opal is much harder to value that a cheaper piece, as very few stones can be used to compare the opal with - (especially with black opal etc becoming increasingly scarce).

One thing is for sure however, you should always get the opal you want. Don't be talked into getting anything until you can make an informed decision for yourself. Researching opal does take time. A little research is definitely worth the effort, you will save and have far nicer opal as a result.

Our Prize Opals and Opal jewelry! - Black Opal, Crystal Opal, Matrix and Boulder.

Quality Opal is a thing of great beauty, we have showcased Australia's finest opals collected from mines across Australia. Our passion for opals and our extensive industry contacts has been keeping us very busy! We have also formed a strong alliance with some opal miners in Coober Pedy, an association we are proud to have. We offer secure online transactions, stock opal of all varieties and grades, as well as rough, fossils and quality opal jewelry. Should you require more photo's or a better description of a particular opal or piece of jewelry, simply contact us.

Black Opal - Highly prized Australian Black Opals, we have Lightning Ridge black opal, as well as rare Semi Black Opal from Coober Pedy and even Lambina. Yes , Black Opal stiones are not only found in Lightning Ridge, but also Mintabie, Lambina and parts of Queensland! We also have some stunning Black Opal Jewelry for sale.

Boulder Opal - The spectacular Queensland Boulder Opal, famous for it's strong display of color, naturals forms and sheer beauty. Found in many different forms, boulder opal ranges from thin seams of magnificent gem boulder to Yowah or Koroit nuts in ironstone matrix (thin seams in valueless ironstone matrix). The Koroit and Yowah nuts make very pretty beads.

Crystal Opal - A distinct opal type, Australia's finest opal comes from Coober Pedy. Known for its impressive 'see through' character and many different forms. Crystal opal is as fine as any other opal when it is quality opal.

Matrix Opal - An interesting form of Synthetic Opal, Matrix opal is also known as Hydroplane Opal, and comes out of the ground as a dull off white opal. After being impregnated with a dark solution, the color of the opal changes and takes on a spectacular black background. This dark background helps the color lying beneath to shine through. Good quality matrix opal will appear almost like black opal when at it's best.

Carved Opal - Artists have been carving opal for generations, usually applying their skills to a lower grade opal, we have some examples of very fine opal carvings. Some of these carved opals are simply stunning and would truly make anyone beautiful, as only a fine opal can!

Rough Opal - Rough Opal is as the name goes, opal in it's raw un-refined state. Popular with opal experts, jewelers and hobby opal cutters, we have a great selection of rough opal.

Pipe Opal - A form of Opal Fossil, pipe opals are actually squid beaks or benemites. Often they have an amazing display of strong color and beautiful conical shapes. We have some amazing Pipe Opal currently on display.

Opal Fossils - As you may know, some of outback Australia was once an ocean. Many dinosaurs and fossils may be found as a consequence. Under the right conditions these fossils and dinosaur bones may precipitate to become opalised, thus becoming an opal fossil. Queen of Gems have an impressive selection of such opal fossils.

Solid opals, doublets, triplets and second to none expert service and advice.

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Lets face it opals are confusing, and it is very hard to get comprehensive information on opals in general or specifically for that matter. Add to this the rarity and lack of distinction between key buying markets, all steps within the supply chain, and the complex market structure, and you have one confusing (but intriguing, subject matter.

Opal is gorgeous and she the Queen of all Gems, and has been referenced since shakespearean times. Hi ge end precious gem opal is worth more than diamond, and is certainty far more scarce (and beautiful). Precious black opal can sell for over $ 30 000 AU cut, and uncut or rough black opal nobbies for over $ 10 000 per carrot. We specialise in Black Opal Sales, and can find any piece of Black Opal you desire. Precious black opals (or any gem opals) represent a fine investment for any serious gem lover, and fine opal appreciates at a rewarding rate.

Precious opals are very valuable and collectors or investors buy two forms of opal, loose stones and fossils. The loose stones bought by this segment are usually freeform, solid stones and purchased for their natural beauty and uniqueness. They buy for private collections or for retail/museum displays.

Opal is not only for the rich however, there are many different markets for opal, on a budget but still want beauty? Go for a smaller, or different piece like a matrix, boulder or crystal opal. But if you want the best - it is very hard to go past black opal (you will be very popular). Hobby opal cutters, we also have a large selection of low, medium and high grade rough opal or potch to carve into magnificent pieces.

There are numerous end-user consumers who buy our opals and opal jewelry. Which category are you? Designer jewelry • Commercial jewelry • Tourist • Hobby • Collectors/investors???

We hope you enjoy our site, chock full of beautiful opal for your enjoyment!

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Rough opal at it's best, check out the finest rough from around Australia.