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Australian Opal

Australian opal is the world's finest. Renowned for a strong 'play of colour' and vivid colours, Australian opal is also less likely to shatter or craze due to its low water content. Australian opal is also harder than other forms and represents a very good investment.

Quality Australian opal is rare, even though Australia produces 95% world supply, 96% of precious opal and 98% of black opal. The opal deposits of Australia are not being worked anywhere near yesteryear, and new opal finds are infrequent.

Australian opal represents an outstanding investment, especially considering opals beauty and rarity. Quality opal is one of the most profitable gemstones available.

There are many different markets for opal and value 'adding' is widespread and should you buy from an opal dealer you will be sure you have paid double what they did.

Australian opal is a very interesting commodity. The main factors governing the value and industry, are intreging to say the least.

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