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Australian Black Opal

Black Opal

Australian black opal is highly prized, it is the most rare, most valuable opal. It is called black opal because it has a dark grey to black background.

The main source of this radiant gem are Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, and Mintabie, South Australia. Black opal is also very rarely found in Coober Pedy, and Jundah, Queensland.

Black opal is the most expensive of all opal. Due to the darkness of the black base colour it makes the other colours stand out. The colours are often bright and strong.

Most black opal comes from Lightning ridge in New South Wales, black opal is found in the South Australian fields, Mintabie, Lambina and to a far lesser extent Coober Pedy as well but the majority of the world's Black opal is mined in the Ridge (Lightning Ridge).

Semi Black Opal

We have a magnificent display of Australian black opal for sale. All of the opal belongs to Australian opal miners, a unique business model for a fantastic range of opal at the best possible price.

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Black opal from all fields, Lightning Ridge, Lambina and even Coober Pedy as well as semi black opal. All opal is owned by the opal miners of Australia and presented at near field prices.

We stock opal of all varieties and value, from rough to the highest quailty opal available. Natrually we cannot display it all, however please contact us if you are after a particular opal and we will endeavour to track it down for you.

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