Queen of Gemsopals at very very cheap prices

Fossil Opals

Opalised snail, shells, pipes and dinosaur for sale. Australia had a major inland sea millions of years ago. As part of that deposits of shells, Pipes (Ancient squids), Crynoids (Plant ferns) and Plesasouris and Dinosaur fell in to the sand of the sea.

Over the millions of years during the weathering process, opal replaced the fossils cavities that was left when the original item disolved. It is a thrill to mine these pieces as you know the orginal piece was millions of years old.

Coober Pedy Opal Shell Cluster
Opal Shell Cluster.jpg


The quality and quantity of the cluster of the shells is exceptional and unique.

Opalised Shells Opal Shells
Opal Shells.jpg


Once in a life time offer of a specimen of shells still in sandstone with shells of this quality. Perfect for a museum.

Coober Pedy Opal Shell
Opal Shell.jpg


This is by far one of the largest opalised shells from Coober Pedy. I certainly have not seen one this size before.

Coober Pedy Opalised Shell
Opalised Shell.jpg


Excellent specimen of an opalised shell within sandstone base.

Coober Pedy Opalised Vertebra
Opalised Vertebra.jpg


A unexpected offer to sell a opalised Vertebra.

Coober Pedy Fossil Shell, Opal
Fossil Shell, Opal.jpg


The colour is assorted with strong Green, Orange and Blue. You can see colour on the sides of the shell. A true collectors specimen.

Opalised Snails Snail Opal Fossils
Snail Opal Fossils.jpg


This lot is 20 opalised fossil snails. Some of the pieces have colour and others are still within the sandstone.

Coober Pedy Crystal Shell
Crystal Shell.jpg


One of the finest opalised shells from Zorba field, Coober Pedy.