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Opal-Network, Opal Exporters & opal Wholesalers.
Opal-Network provides rough opal parcels and opal rubs and all types of solid cut and polished opals .We have commercial lots to the finest gems, unique specimens and a variety of opalised fossils.

Opal Strike
Wholesale Opal. The Bruynzeel family company mine opals cut opal and know opal. We are involved in Opal mining in Coober Pedy, South Australia, and operate a cutting workshop near our home in Perth. On any day of the week the wheels are turning, producing high quality Opal triplets for our wholesale buyers.

Berryd Opals
Coober Pedy Australian Opal Field price selling for the opal miner. Berryd Opals have Rough opal, Gem Quality, Solid opals, Doublets and Triplet opal, Specimen, fossil and Opal Jewelry including opal rings. Coober Pedy field prices as I sell for the miners. We hope by using this website you experience opal at its best with the advantage of the latest Secure Credit Card Transactions.

Laszlo's Opals and Jewelry
Laszlo's Opals and Jewelry are a South Australian Opal Company Specializing in Quality Opal Rings, Earrings & Inlay Jewelry.

The Hileman Collection
Mark has been creating jewelry for more than 28 years now and continues to refine and explore new design possibilities.

Adin Fine Antique & Estate Jewelry
Adin (Fine Antique jewelry) is an integrated antique jewelry company specialising in 19th century European antique jewelry.

Stoned Opal
Stoned Opal is a 30 year miners' collection of rare & unusual boulder opal,Koroit & Yowah matrix,opal beads,cloisonne opal,picture stones and other strange items from the gemstone world.

Costello's is a family company with a tradition of service established over three generations. We are a recognised authority on Australian gemstones and all our merchandise is backed by an international Certificate of Guarantee.

Coober Pedy Opal
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with quality product, competitively priced and backed up with true customer service. As miners we have been involved in the opal industry for thirty years and as miners/cutters for twenty years.

Idaho Opal Mines
We are Bob and Susan Thompson! We purchased the opal mining claim in 1991. After a couple of years of hard work developing the mine, we found an incredible amount of gem grade opal to work with. In the winter of 1993, we found the market for our opal with the jewelry stores and custom goldsmiths in Idaho.

Opal 33
Renowned for prompt service, Opal 33 has a fabulous range of high quality black opal, opal jewellery, south sea pearls, pink diamonds. They also offer a 30 money back guarantee on all opal products and have a great page about opal.