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Types of Opal

There are many different types of opal. Both sedimentry and volcanic opal exist, sedimentry opal is far more stable and less prone to crazing and cracking.

Australia's large ancient ocean desert contains not only the world's most stable opal, but opal of great value, 'play of colour', and stable opal with a low water content.

Opal is also split into two distinctly different categories, natural and man-made. Natural opal is found in solids and freeform jewelry. Man-made opal includes doublets, triplets and Andamooka Matrix of treated Matrix opal.

Opal may be found in many other forms, these are listed below:

Black Opal
Boulder Opal
White Opal
Crystal Opal
Hydroplane Opal
Solid Opals
Rough Opal Opal Jewelry
Doublet Opal
Opal Triplets
Fossilised Opal
Andamooka Matrix
Imitation Opal
Synthetic Opal