Queen of Gemsopals at very very cheap prices

Opal Rings

Opal rings are available in many different forms. Freeform opal rings are generally the most valuable and collectable. Other forms include doublet opal, matrix opal as well as the many varieties of opal such as Crystal, Black and Boulder.

All of our opal rings are from South Australia, mostly Coober Pedy fields. The opal is at wholesale price and these pieces represent value unavailable elseware on the web.

Gem Triplet Opal & Diamantie Ring
Gem Triplet Opal Ring
Opal Shell Cluster.jpg



Opalised Vertebra.jpg



Gem Triplet Opal Ring
Triplet Opal Sterling Silver Ring
Opal Shells.jpg



Fossil Shell, Opal.jpg



Green Fire Crystal Opal Ring
Crystal Opal Ring
Opal Shell.jpg



Opalised Shell.jpg



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